5 compelling reasons to invest in SEO

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In today’s modern age when consumers are online more than ever, it’s essential that business owners can be found easily.


Yes Social Media is the current trend, but studies have shown that over 90% of consumers still start their buying cycle in Google searches. Basically – if your small business isn’t found in Google, then you might as well not exist.


In this article I’m going to be explaining the 5 biggest benefits that SEO can bring to your small business, and how they will help grow your sales, revenue and profits


  1. Direct leads.


Being ranked #1 in Google will bring direct, free leads into your business on autopilot. Although finding an seo company can be really hard, once you have found one that is the right fit for your business, it has the ability to flood your inbox with qualified leads every day.


You see, when you’re at the top of Google you collect 30-38% of all traffic that is available in your industry, giving you lions share of the leads, jobs and profit.


2. Premium perception


Being ranked #1 carries with it the perception that you are the best at what you do – after all, Google did put you there, right?…


Unlike you and I, most consumers don’t know that the practise of SEO even exists, so they do realise that it is possible to effect the results that Google shows by ensuring that your business follows its guidelines.


3. Stable platform for growth.


Whenever I consult with business owners who are looking at growing, the first thing I ask them is do they have a stable foundation? What I mean by this question is that do they have their phone ringing every single day with new leads who are ready to buy?


When you have this kind of stable foundation, you can scale your business very hard and fast by using methods such as paid traffic, social media and content marketing. However when the phone doesn’t right, and your cash flow isn’t stable, these methods don’t work nearly as well.


4. Increased Brand Awareness.


Over 60% of people searching in Google today are not sales ready. That means that it could be upto 12-months before they actually make the purchase that they are researching.


By being at the top of Google today, as well as in 12-months time, you’ll have built the brand awareness that is needed to help close the sale.


Every time I go to a networking meeting I’m approached by people who have heard my name, simply because my Business ranks so well in Google that over the past few years they’ve researched, and have been exposed to my brand.


5. Extremely high ROI.


Unlike PPC and Social Media which you need to keep working on each month, once your SEO is right, and you’re rankings are locked in, you don’t need to continue working on it, and as a result, the ROI your experience long term is extremely high.


So there you have it, 5 compelling reasons why SEO is a great investment for your business. If you’d like to find out more about choosing the right SEO company check out my article on Medium.

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